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Our video page has been arranged to help folks answer the questions, "What is Pentecost? Here you will be able to see what we teach and do to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.
May God bless you in your journey to discover His truth and salvation.

Ever wonder why Jesus Christ had to die as a sacrifice for sin?

This short and simple video explains why God required blood sacrifices since the very beginning.

This is the first of a short series of three videos delving into the “whys” of Salvation. The full length video, “The Way of Escape,” is offered here in three chapters - omitting nothing from the original content.

Ever wonder why Jesus Christ is important to our Salvation?

This is the second of three parts to our presentation of “The Way of Escape” that thoughtfully explains why Jesus had to die and what that means to all of us.

What does it mean to be born again? Is it important?

This is the third and last to our presentation of “The Way of Escape” that thoughtfully explains why Jesus had to die and what that means to us.

What does it mean to be “saved?”

This short video briefly covers the topic of salvation – what it is and what it means to be transformed by the miracle working hand of God to a completely born again Christian.

This is an important message no Christian should miss hearing.

Is baptism important to my salvation?

What does the bible say about baptism? This video covers the topic of Christian Baptism simply and in a well thought out way. This is a must see for all Christians who want to do everything Jesus taught.

Who are the Pentecostals?

The first video is a music video called, "I'm A Pentecostal" sung by some talented young people illustrating our love for Jesus and His awesome Word

The second video is made up of some clips of Sunday September 7, 2014 at Vancouver Pentecostals. 1110 East 33rd Street, Vancouver, Washington.

Hope you enjoy them.

What should you expect here?

We believe that the church is not about the drywall, the chairs, or the support beams, rather we believe the church is about people. It is our prayer that you will find friendly diversity of believers at the Vancouver Pentecostals.

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