These are real people telling real stories of the wonderful things God has done for them. God is still doing all the things He has ever done!

12 Years of Debilitating Back Pain Healed By God

"I was injured in the military after 17 years of service and had gone through 15 surgeries and lots of rehabilitation.

In my heart I knew God would heal me - it’s just I didn’t know when.

Even though I had prayed many times for God to heal me I had to endure massive amounts of chronic pain for over 12 years.

An evangelist came to our church in July of 2013, and along with the prayers of the members of the church they prayed for me one night and God completely healed my back.

There’s nothing that Doctors could have done. And there’s nothing that man could have done - God is the only one that healed my back.

And to this day I am still pain free in my back."

Tim B. (43) - Vancouver Pentecostals

Major Changes in My Life - By the Hand of God

"When I was baptized in Jesus’ name in 1985, I experienced an immediate change - my eyes were seeing things differently. The minister told me, “Now all you need to do is get the Holy Ghost.” Having been raised in a church that did not teach the baptism of the Holy Spirit, this was very new to me but I was willing to trust God and let Him lead me.

Within a month from getting water baptized, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit (and I spoke in tongues) for the first time in my life. What a wonderful experience that has changed my life!

Through the ups and downs of life, Jesus has never forgotten me and has helped me through them all. At one point I had become backslidden and had rejected the life I knew God had instructed me to live. Only I could not find my way to live right no matter how hard I had tried."

One day, after frustrating attempts to get it right, I plead with God to deliver a miracle to me or I simply was not going to make it. The Hand of God Came and Helped Me. That miracle came and I now live a life that is not hard at all to live for Him!

When I say that He can do a work in us that makes it so easy to live for Him, I am telling it by experience.

I am a better person and have a very happy life now that I have committed to the Lord and He has worked in me the miracle of righteousness and faith. I can truly say that Jesus is the only reason I am able to live a life that is clean and righteous before God.

For those who have known me during my bad years, this is a miracle from God!

Allen (49) - Vancouver Pentecostals

God Woke Me To Pray For My Son

I just want to give God the praise and the glory, he’s always been there when I needed him. This is a testimony of one of my children - he was 16 years old if I remember correctly.

One night he and his friend had gone out to a party and I had fallen asleep before they came home; in my dead of sleep I was woken up, “Get up and pray.”

So I got up to pray and his name came up. I said “Lord, whatever it is keep your hands and your angels about my son Gonzi, keep your angels around him Lord, keep him safe for me Lord Jesus.”

It came to 2 o’clock in the morning and he finally came home. He told me he had been in an automobile accident with his friends. His friend’s parents had brought him home.

They had been driving around in Hazel Dell and it was foggy and they couldn’t see what was ahead of them. As they came down a side street there was an empty flatbed semi-trailer that was parked on the side of the road.

My son was sitting on the passenger side of the car when he realized the trailer was there and it was on that side that they were going to hit the trailer! He had to fall over to keep from being beheaded!

So I know that God watches over your children and he lets you know when to get up and to pray for your children – especially when they are in danger or away from the fold of His protection

I want to thank God that he kept his angels around him.

Irene W. - Vancouver Pentecostals

I Couldn't Do It Anymore

Eight years ago I was feeling empty and lonely and I felt like there was really no reason to live.

I had become a Boxer and was trying to turn pro. I just felt empty because I felt like the people who were involved in my life just wanted me because of the money signs and the boxing prospects, and the whole boxing world seemed really corrupt.

I was involved with a lot of stuff and I had seen a lot of corruption and I didn’t feel like I was valued.

I fell deeper and deeper into despair and I had really bad headaches every day.

One day I just had enough and couldn’t do it anymore. I walked up to Rocky Butte in Portland and was trying to find something to hang myself with but couldn’t find anything to do it.

I started crying out to God, “Do you love me? Are you real? Can you hear me? Why am I here? What’s wrong with me?”

I just sat there and was just crying.

Three days after that I was with my four year old nephew; I had promised him I would take him downtown Portland to play in the big water fountains. As I was walking with him I was the lowest I had ever been in my life – I was depressed - I couldn’t even smile.

As we were walking this girl came up to me - she had really bright blue eyes and long brown hair - and she walked by me and stopped me and said, “God heard you, he heard your cries. He’s going to bless you and he is going to do miracles in your life.”

I was shocked and I believed it right off the bat because of what had happened three days prior.

It didn’t work right for me when I tried to take her number down on my phone, so I turned to say, “Hey I didn’t take your number down right” but there was no one else on the sidewalk – nobody - she was gone.

My nephew told me, “TJ did you see that angel you were talking to?”

I was shocked.

It gave me hope that God does love me and he does care.

Whatever the circumstances in your life God hears you and he’s there.

I just simply cried out and he sent somebody. And from that day forward I slowly made my way toward where I am today because God is awesome.

He filled that void.

When I got the Holy Ghost that was that feeling I had been searching for all my life. Drugs couldn’t fill it. Spirituality couldn’t fill that void. Relationships couldn’t.

I felt whole. All the pain I suffered through my childhood I forgave it and I forgot it. And it was beautiful and I thank the Lord to this day."

- Terra (TJ) Hernandez - Vancouver Pentecostals

Editors Note: Today TJ and her husband have a beautiful young family. You wouldn't know by just looking at her that one day she almost forgot to keep living. I know I speak for all of the Vancouver Pentecostal Family when I say we are very grateful to a loving God who heard her prayer that day. Thank you Jesus!

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